The aim of psychotherapy

The aim of psychotherapy is to improve your understanding of yourself, how you behave and why, to enable you to change. You may wish to find a different way of being, or more appropriate ways to deal with difficulties.

Psychotherapy involves talking to another person who is trained to listen and think in a way that is sensitive to what is going on for you. It is a process of exploration by you and your therapist together to gain an understanding of the processes going on in your unconscious which get expressed in your relationships.

How psychotherapy can help

Your early experiences will have had a significant influence on the way your mind works and your behaviour, including patterns of relating to others. These patterns may persist long after they have stopped being helpful - indeed, they may have become harmful and may be preventing you from being and living how you would like to.

Because much of your behaviour originates from the part of your mind of which you are not consciously aware, it can be difficult to behave and think differently or believe that this is possible. This is where psychotherapy can help.

Your chance to change

Through regular psychotherapy in a safe and containing environment, you can become increasingly aware of the effect of past patterns of behaviour. Some of these will be evident in your current relationships and often in the way you behave within your psychotherapy sessions.

Increased understanding will enable you to question whether old ways of relating and behaving are still serving you well, and, if not, enable you to start to change them.

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